Friday, 11 January 2013

To you - my children....

I always knew I'd be a mom,
Since I was just a girl.
And when God blessed me with you two,
You each became my world.

The years go by so fast you know,
No matter what we do.
And wherever that your paths may lead,
My heart will go with you.

Tried my best to serve the Lord,
Teaching  you to read his words.
Showing you on how to kneel and pray,
To thank your God above.

Predestined to be your mother,
I feel blessed every day.
For to me God sent a precious gift,
My John and Estherine...


  1. This is sooo sweet and beautiful! Your kids should definitely read this.

  2. Wow! I am I know that you are a lovely-caring mother. I will never forget a single evening i had spent with your sweet family... :-)

    1. Mahming, neither will we forget your sweet company... thanks again...

  3. A tha hle mai, i fa te tan chuan a hlu ngawt ang. A thluk neiin siam law law teh..........

    1. Caribou, i fate mut dawna thawnthu i hrilh thin te,silai i siamsak te... ka la hre reng. Nu leh pa tan chuan fa te hi an lo hlu ber mai ani... tiraw?

  4. Heart-touching thoughts Bless You :)